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Staying Vigilant for Your Safety & Ours

During this public health crisis, the Cranston Student Assistance Counselors and the Task Force have compiled extra resources to fit the newly emerging needs

Parenting Is Prevention

Voice Disapproval

Make your disapproval of underage drinking clear. Parents remain the leading influence on their child's decisions about whether or not to drink.

Show You Care

Show you care about your child's health and success. Discuss the dangers of underage drinking early and often. Studies show kids start experimenting with drugs and alcohol as early as 4th and 5th grade.

Secure Any Alcohol

Secure any alcohol in your home. Reducing access to alcohol will both prevent underage drinking and help your child/teen avoid negative pressure from their friends.

Pay Attention

Pay attention, and you'll discourage risky behaviors. Teens need space, but they also need boundaries. Supervise all underage gatherings at your home. You don't have to pry to let your teen know you're paying attention.

Be a Role Model

Model responsible drinking. Discuss and model ways to have fun that are alcohol-free. Raise the bar. Your children will reach for it.

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