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Substance Abuse Prevention Programs for Youth & Young Adults

The Cranston Substance Abuse Task Force offers a variety of substance abuse programs for teens and young adults. Since 1987, we have been dedicated to providing prevention, intervention, and treatment services to youth throughout the city of Cranston, RI.

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What Is Substance Abuse?

Substance abuse is the misuse of mind-altering substances such as alcohol and illegal drugs. Due to the addictive nature of these drugs, some people, unfortunately, become overly dependent on them. This may cause them to gain increased tolerance levels and prioritize drug use above everyday activities and important obligations.

Customized treatments are necessary for each patient struggling with addiction. Treatment options may range anywhere from detoxification and medication to inpatient rehabilitation and support groups.

We Are Here to Help

Whether you or a loved one is dealing with addiction, we are committed to providing you with the education and support necessary to help prevent the abuse of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco products. We care about how substance abuse can affect individuals and the community as a whole. We have partnered with local schools, law enforcement agencies, and other organizations to educate parents and students about the dangers of substance abuse.

Our Substance Abuse Prevention Programs

Our programs are specifically designed to target those who struggle with alcohol, vaping, marijuana, and opioid addictions. We also offer medication safety programs. Some of our main programs include the following:

Alcohol Awareness

We educate teens and young adults about the negative effects of alcohol in an effort to help prevent addiction and provide treatments for those struggling with alcohol-related issues.

Smoking & Vaping Prevention

Studies show that youth who vape are more likely to smoke cigarettes when they get older. We aim to help reduce these risky behaviors.

Marijuana Prevention

We aim to help prevent youth from using and misusing recreational marijuana.

Opioid Prevention

Opioids are a common ingredient in many pain medications. We utilize research to help deter youth from the misuse of these medications.

Safe Prescription Use

This program teaches participants how to safely use their prescriptions.

Are You Currently Struggling With Substance Abuse & Don’t Know Where to Turn?

Are you a desperate parent who feels as though you have run out of options? Explore our resources on substance abuse and contact Cranston Substance Abuse Task Force today at 401-467-9610 to learn about how our programs may benefit you and your family.

Get the Support You Need Today